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Reflections of 2014 from a social media professor

This year has been a whirlwind in many ways, both professionally and personally. However, it’s good to reflect on some of the trends and events that have shaped the year to be memorable and very exciting in many ways as […]

Social Media Rules [and Perceptions] are supposed to be broken: An inspired post b/c of Jessica Smith

There are many communities I am a part of on social media. I have my fellow professors who teach social media and PR with #prprofs and then I have also my crisis communications colleagues with #crisispr. However, there is another […]

2014 has been all about putting the “social” back in social media: Meeting social media professional IRL highlights

As we are seeing the end of 2014, we are seeing a lot of lists come out right now on social media. Top posts shared, top videos and ads of the year, etc – which got me thinking about what […]

15 Social Media Professors to follow in 2015

I wrote a post a few days ago where I talked about the various class hashtags to follow for the upcoming year. We are seeing a lot more emphasis being put on professors to be innovative with how they are […]

Email and Social Media Etiquette: Setting standards for PR Professors

I was on Facebook the other day and I saw a few of my friends who are also professors talk about email etiquette for their students. Several were talking about the trends they were seeing in their classes about how […]