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October 4, 2012

Attending the 4th Emerging Media Summit in Louisville #iabclda

One of the great things I really like about being in Louisville is the fact that it is considered to be a great social media community.  Many professional associations and groups are located in the city and are dedicated to research, consulting,and practices involving new media.  One of the great annual events that occurs in the city is the Emerging Media Summit.

I had a chance to go to the event last year and took away many good practices and tips to bring into my research and in the classroom as well. Some of the highlights of the event came across in some of the presentations including:

  • Shannon Paul: There is a love/hate relationship for social media among brands.  We need to focus more on transforming social media marketing into a social media business strategy.  Governance (policies, appropriate communication across levels in management), education, and tools and talent are key for success in social media.
  • Allison Groves:  The focus and transition of SEO, PR, and Social is here. SEO + Social + PR equals the new marketing reality.  The focus on content creation within storytelling and how it translates to brand storytelling and relationship building (PR) and how listening, managing, and building relationships (social) is the focus for PR professionals today. The individual users discovers your content and story and has the ability to share this with their communities, and the brand finds the user to build a positiveand long-term relationship (ongoing cycle across brands and users). Tell your story and be authentic, but make sure it is relevant and meaningful for audiences.
  • Nichole Kelly: The focus of this presentation was around the issue of ROI and measurement when it comes to social media.  Lead generation, customer retention and brand awareness are good metrics for social media. If you are able to translate and align social media goals with the sales funnel, then you are getting to your customers at an earlier process. The issue of influencers came up in the presentation and its role/power over the metrics associated with social media marketing and business transactions. Engagement focuses on exposure and action on the behalf of the user and the brand. Translate some of the business metrics into social media community while adapting other key components associated with social media into the ROI mix. Here is the link to Nichole’s great presentation via Prezi.
  • Ben Loetz (Verizon):  Highlighted the various new tools offered from Verizon, even a robot (yes, I said robot) or a virtual press conference device in case you are having a press conference and your CEO can’t make it physically, he can be there virtually through the robot.  Interesting and exciting developments in technology for businesses and healthcare.
  • Cody Vest (Vest Advertising):  Discussion on how to return on awesome and how to get impractical, and how social media does fit into this category somewhat in PR and marketing.  Augmented reality, holograms, and other new emerging technology platforms we were thinking were the future are here today in advertising and PR campaigns as well as internal communications. Focusing on awesomeness will be better than focusing on ROI because it will be a “home run” waiting to be hit.  You have to take initiative and listen to your gut instincts when it comes to emerging media and understand the personal connection for brands and other businesses.

Overall, this a great event not only for practitioners in the area, but also professors and students interested in engaging in social media as well as in research purposes. If you would like to see what were some of the other updates coming from the event, you may want to check out the hashtag #iabclda.

Hope you all are having a great day.

Best Wishes,


August 25, 2012

Tips for creating personal info graphics: Great opportunity for marketing CVs and resumes

Infographics are definitely a popular tool for public relations professionals when it comes to communicating data and statistics, explaining a particular process, or even present information from a timeline format. There are some really fancy info graphics out there by some pretty fabulous design companies, and there are others that can use some work.

I’m going to be presenting on the topic of infographics in a couple of months and teach a social media class at the University of Louisville next semester, so I wanted to try my hand in creating an infographic.  Deciding what topic or issue I would like to use for my first infographic was tough – but then I realized I should do one for my CV.

So, after working on my CV for a couple of hours, I finally finished my very first infographic.  Here it is:

Here are some of the lessons I learned in the process of creating an info graphic:

  • Define your goals and objectives for the infographic:  What is the purpose of this graphic?  Who is your audience and how are you going to present this information?
  • Content is definitely key – but personalize it with appealing visuals:  Think about what you want to share with your audiences in terms of information.
  • Look at other infographics for inspiration:  Check out Pinterest or even Visual.ly to see what you like, what you think is pretty cool, and what are some techniques you can do yourself.
  • Don’t stress if you are not a graphic artist:  My sister Karla is definitely the artist in the family for sure. :) What you have to realize with infographics is the fact it takes time and practice to perfect them.  This first infographic for me is a start – but I hope to learn more techniques and design skills to improve my future infographics.
  • Become a student of infographics:  Look at online resources and books (like “The Power of Infographics”) to help you improve your skills and knowledge when it comes to infographics. This way, you will be able to pass along this knowledge to your students, colleagues and friends, and fellow PR professionals.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Best Wishes,


December 6, 2011

Creativity, Digital Storytelling, and Humor: Factors to ignite viral videos through social media class projects

Understanding how user generated content goes viral can be summarized in several ways. Usually, it is due to the nature of the content being shared that taps into several key concepts.  The content – whether it is a blog post, update, video, hashtag, or picture – makes us think and it may present a new perspective to think about regarding a particular issue or topic.  Or, it may be humorous and creative to audiences.  Viral videos have been analyzed in terms of how they have been shared across social media platforms as well as how some of these videos have ignited commentary in the traditional media outlets in some cases.

An example of how one video has become a viral sensation in the Louisville area as well as across the digital sphere. Ralph Merkel (Adjunct Professor and Producer and the University of Louisville) teaches several broadcast and online journalism classes in the Department of Communication and one of his assignments he gives to his students is to create a video for their final project.  This semester, one of the groups created a video telling a story featuring UofL basketball player Peyton Siva.  As I have found out during my time in Louisville, basketball is a very big part of the UofL and Louisville culture.  The short video features the basketball player in a fat suit, and shares his “story” in his transformation to become “Siva – The Legacy.” Here is the video:

YouTube Preview Image

What has the result been so far?  The video has over 4,000 hits on YouTube and has been shared on several blogs already. This short video is creative – it is presented like a movie trailer and effectively tells a story that is interesting and unique to the Louisville community.  These are just some of the reasons why this video has become viral – the creativity and story line have generated the interest in viewing this video and sharing it with others in various social circles and platforms.

If you want to check out more about Ralph and what his students are creating for his class, check out his course website where you can read posts and watch some of the student videos.  Congrats Ralph and to his class on creating some creative videos and willing to share them with the online community! :)

Hope you all are having a great day.

Best Wishes,


December 2, 2011

readings in social media and pr for 2nd december 2011

working and living in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky

Working and living in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky

Here is what I am reading today:

“A Jobvite social recruiting survey reported that 89 percent of U.S. companies plan to use social media in their employee searches. You can bet that what you put online will eventually be put “on file” when you’re applying for a job or after you get it. Social media provides an excellent opportunity for showcasing your professionalism, intelligence, and maturity, which can set you apart from the competition. Unfortunately, it seems the allure of making a fool of yourself through social channels is greater than the need to acquire and/or retain a job. Here are 12 examples of spectacular job losses due to social media stupidity.”

“It seems more and more brands are looking to create richer print ads. But I still find the innovation examples around it few and far between. So here is a great example of a brand trying something new in the Jewellery sector. This Interactive Print Ad is designed for a smartphone to be placed into the position of a hand, loading a rich mobile site that allows users to flick between various bracelets and rings positioned on the virtual hand.”

“When you combine the power of the mind and the force of social shopping, you have a mighty confabulation of social rules and subconscious needs. Together, these things play into the psychology of social commerce. Psychologists have defined six universal heuristics or learning methods that have been seen in shoppers and are now being seen in social commerce.*”

“Welcome back to the real world! I hope everyone had a really good Thanksgiving weekend. To start the last 20 work days of the year, I thought now was a good time to discuss trends for next year. This will get you started on planning and getting everything ready to launch the year on January 2. I’ve written the eight social media trends you  need to pay attention to for next year. But, before we get started, we’re going to let you choose the ninth trend, just like we did last year, for the chance to win two seats to the trends webinar.”

“When building an online persona and brand usually we start with the most basic aspects including over arching brand, logo, colors, core messages etc.  All of these are foundational to success.  We develop our plan, develop our platform, create and launch our brand presence, integrate social with our business goals and start the social media engagement.  However, after a few months goes by we realize nobody is buying from us.  Nobody is opting in to our email lists. What has happened? Why don’t they want to further engage with our brand? Do they not trust us? Do they not think that we could bring them value?”

“Customer service used to be found only in the store or on the phone. Today it’s as close as an IM or an app on your smart phone. Certainly, reaching a CS rep is quicker today than ever, but what about the quality of that service? Have businesses begun to master delivery of convenient, instant and satisfying customer service? In this webinar, you’ll hear expert testimony on best practices and shining examples of what TO do. The discussion will cover issues including:”

CEO’s and social media

“Over the past few months, we’ve introduced you to some of the most impressive CEOs in the digital marketing and tech space. While the businesses have flourished online, so too have the social profiles of the CEOs — they realize the power of Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms, and they use them regularly. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the five posts in our Social CEO Series. Below that, you’ll find an infographic that highlights data about how some in the C-suite are using social media sites, how they consume news and the benefits of being a socially savvy CEO.”

September 28, 2011

readings in social media and pr for 28th september 2011

The value of Social Media cannot be underestimated. It is the only sound way to communicate your message, define who you are and address the concerns of your publics. CLICK to visit the University of Louisville's Social media Directory

Here is what i am reading today:

“When it comes to auditing SEO this infographic helps remind us of how complex the SEO channel can be, but at the same time it can be actioned as a list of things to do.

When proactively trying to grow your reach through SEO I think it is much easier to simplify the channel. I am surprised tools such as Google Webmaster tools, Xenu / Screaming frog didn’t appear more as ways to easily complete / check significant parts of the audit but other than that, this is a well written guide you should definitely checkout.”

“Last week Facebook introduced a new profile design known as Timeline, an infographic-like format that charts highlights from a user’s social media activity.  Coupled with other recent Facebook updates, the social media juggernaut is creating a home for your entire digital life to live. Timeline makes a user’s profile much easier to read and more interesting to browse.  No longer is the emphasis only on what someone is doing now.  Instead, posts and status updates are linked together and tell stories about a person’s life, with as much emphasis on what they’ve done in the past as what they’re doing right now. So what does the new Facebook Timeline mean to PR and marketing pros?”

“Blogging is key to any inbound marketing plan. Not only is it a great way to add pages to your site and increase your footprint, it also improves your search rankings and helps get more inbound links. However, by writing and publishing blog articles, you aren’t getting the most out of all your efforts, you also need to promote your content. 

In order to determine what promoting a blog post can do for you, we took a look at the blog posts of our 5000 customers. We reviewed the results for posts that were shared via Twitter and Facebook after being written and compared them to posts that were not shared. We learned that when posted to Twitter and Facebook after being written blog posts generated…”

“Taking an online college class might sound like an easy “A” that gives lazier students a chance to sleep in and spend class time in their pajamas and robe instead of dressing and showering the way we used to before the Internet changed everything. However, thanks to the advent of new technologies, increased Internet speeds and a constant stream of information and communication, college campuses are learning new ways to adapt social media into their online curriculum as well as their traditional classrooms outside of the Internet. Here’s why…”


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