The Key to long term success is to be a life long learner. It's okay not to know everything, but there is more to social media than 'email.'

“A website for The University of Sydney Sciences & Technology Students. Matching your talents with employer’s expectations. The skills and perspectives that employers look for can be broken into different groups….”

“Donny Deutsch, the former adman and talk show host, once recounted a story about a Mitsubishi Super Bowl ad that was tagged with the URL The ad got 600,000 clicks, Deutsch said, which prompted the carmaker to ask, “Is that good?” Deutsch answered: “We told the client it was great, so it was great!”

The Mitsubishi campaign ran almost eight years ago. Have things changed? Well, as the infographic below shows, there are a lot more metrics, but are they great? One way to tell is to look at what the absolute top responses are across the prevailing social media platforms — Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. In many cases, the numbers are intoxicating. Coca-Cola really got 86.5 million impressions for a Promoted Trend on Twitter? Twelve million people really tuned in to watch a man put an iPad into a blender? The numbers just tell part of the story, but as they say, you can’t argue with the numbers.You can only take issue with how “great” they are.”

“Here is a behind the scenes look at how The Mill, one of the worlds best post-production houses, brought to life their entire back catalogue of creative work via a projected touch screen installation.It’s a great little piece telling the story of how they built the installation, but looking past that, the interaction, the interface and the way content is delivered is fantastic.”

Looking for a new job, or maybe gearing up to test the waters?

Better make sure you’ve got your social media life in order. Not only are recruiters and HR folks checking up on candidates via social media, but more companies also plan to find their potential hires on social networks.