Monthly Archives: August 2017

Social Media + Solar Eclipse: Lessons and brands to note

We have seen a lot of brands and organizations who participated in this year’s Solar Eclipse, and of course, the conversations amongst the social media professionals was: Who will be the one brand (or team) we will be talking about […]

Approaching Teaching Social Media In the New Academic Year

It’s that time of year where we are all coming together to start the new semester off with classes and of course, updating all of the materials we want to cover during the course of the semester. With professors who […]

Reflections of AEJMC 2017 from a #SMprof

AEJMC is one of my favorite conferences just because it is not only about research discussions, but insightful teaching and brainstorming opportunities. I have been going to AEJMC since 2009, and it always is a place where I get a […]

Insights and thoughts on social media influence

Is influence and having a large following a must have for social media professionals today? The answer is: depends. Yes, we are still seeing tons and tons of articles, podcasts, and even roles now being created for influencer marketing. Influence […]