One of my 3 papers was a study with my sister Kristin (above) -- Guy ( also seen above) will be attending Tennessee as a Ph.D. student in the fall!

UPDATE: Day 3 pictures!

Well, today is Registration Day at the 2010 Reputation Institute in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

The technology of the conference was definitely the iPad with WiFi!. Everyone was checking their schedules , writing in their iPad planners and communicating on their favorite social media platform! After all, this is what Public Relations people do and today P.R. people and iPads were everywhere!

Although it was a busy day of introductory speakers, meet and greet activities, we still managed to find a few minutes to kick back and relax!

oh, just a little time on the beach is good for the soul!

We live today, for tomorrow we PRESENT ( our papers)!

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