Every year, the Association for Psychological Science holds their annual convention and this year in 2009  it was
 in San Francisco! I was happy to participate in a project with my students, including my daughter Karen, on our
 presentation looking at 'Loneliness' on Social Media. For serious students of psychology there can be no better
place to present, interact and learn!

  Looking fashionable at APS!
Can't get enough of Cable cars!
Esteemed journalist and APS executive Wray Herbert joined us for lunch at  Roy's -- a wonderful respite of Hawaiian fusion cuisine in the middle of San Francisco!
Karen is a foodie and you can see her
 genuine appreciation!
Me, Wray and Karen!
Back at the hotel, Karen wanted Coffee!
One night we had a wonderful time at Kokkari!
 Kokkari Estiatorio has great service, incredible
atmosphere and the best food in San Francisco
and it's Greek!

The students were enthralled in meeting the movers
 and shakers in our world of Psychology! John Cacioppo
 and his panel added much to their experience at
the convention!
Can you tell if someone is lying to you? This was the theme of one presentation at APS and also the subject of a TV show.
Much to see and much to learn!
Three speakers on a fascinating lecture on how the
environment in our experience shapes who we are
through gene expression!
With our "National Treasure" Poster we are on our way to the convention!
Ta da!
where's Ben?

Here we are in 'costume' waiting for one more member
 of our group to arrive.


Starting to get things together, we answered questions,
passed out pdf flyers of our posters and our paper for
those who wanted more! This was a great experience
for my students who haven't had this experience.
Karen , however, is well experienced presenter!
The internet is such a small world. Karen and I are having an animated conversation with one of our 'blogging' friends .
Pigeons. This reminds me of my time near the
pigeon lab at Yale!

The 2010 APS Convention will be in Boston!
see you there!