It's always exciting to travel to a new country, learn their history, study their way of life and try to understand their issues and virtues.

My visit to South Africa's parliament building was a wonderful experience.

It’s not everyday that you can say that you have seen a President of a country.  Well, this past Tuesday– I can say that I did!  Our international PR and Journalism class were given an opportunity to visit Parliament in downtown Cape Town.  It was definitely an experience for me. 

We first arrived at the Parliament building and we were given a tour of the facilities.  We first went into the main assembly hall where they hold their formal meetings.  It was really neat.  We also saw the old assembly hall that was used during and before the apartheid era. 

After our tour, we had dined at a restaurant called Five of Flies, which was fantastic!  What did I have?  Ostrich– do I say more? :D   We then headed back to Parliament and sat in one of their sessions, and I observed the members of Parliament and South African President Thabo Mbeki. 


The impressive exterior of the
Parliament building
Cape town, South Africa
One of the nice walkways
 along Parliament!





When I came to South Africa, I had hoped that I would be able to roll up my sleeves and get a chance to help out. I haven't been disappointed! Whether the job was small or large, I have found the entire process exciting!

My work station may not look very cluttered right now.... just wait a few minutes! Thank you to everyone at Total Media!

I love Ostrich! I love to eat Ostrich! This was the presentation at the Five Flies!
Boats on the water at sunrise!
Here I am photographing the exterior
of the 'Visitor's Center.'
One of the many symbols of the
New South Africa
Here is Table Top Mountain from Parliament
Lion's head from Parliament
One of the things I really can't have enough of is the wonderful sunrises and sunsets
in South Africa. The air is so clean that working out is easy. I ran three miles in
the gym yesterday and I felt like it was nothing! There is also a real emphasis
on staying in shape and healthful food. It feels good.

I am enjoying my time with Total Media and South Africa!

Karen :)