Here's my BLOG on my great

adventures in

Stellenbosch Wine Country!

And some additional fun pictures!

Thank you, Stellenbosch!

I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the world class wine country in Stellenbosch , South Africa. I know a little about this in that I am no stranger to wine as I grew up in a great wine district in California, myself.

I also had an opportunity to make a new friend and that is always a wonderful experience. Karin competes for South Africa and I presented her with a souvenir from my country.

As for petting wild animals, I never thought I would ever pet a cheetah 'cub' in my life! As for food, I really enjoyed going to Mayos!

Karen :)


My new South African Friend Karin a national champion in the hammer throw!
Karin's Family produces this wonderful wine!
I shared it with my fellow Trojan Students and our Advisor!

It was a big hit!


Although I seldom drink, I enjoyed the aroma!
South African vintners are happy
to share with us some of their secrets!
A sleepy kitty is the best kind! Am I brave or what!
It's Mr. CHEETAH to you!
Me and a few large bottles!
The food at Moyo's was superb!
Inside Moyo's restaurant at dinner time was watching magic in action!
Another wonderful winery was
 Nelson's Creek!
A main house at Nelson Creek! Nelson Creeks main gate! It reminded me so much of our many wineries in San Luis Obispo County, California!

Hey, this was supposed to be a group shot?
So, why is it that I am the one
who is touching the cheetah?

At least I am not touching the
'dangerous end'!


Come to South Africa! It will make you smile!

Karen :)

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