A Tour of Robben Island

Cape town, South Africa

a view of Cape town as we return from Robben Island Our guide demonstrating life in
 an average cell


Robben Island is a reminder of  South Africa's difficult struggle towards a 'Rainbow Nation"

Here is a link to it's museum that tells
 the story far better than I can:

"It was here that rulers sent those they regarded as political troublemakers, social outcasts and the unwanted of society"

Here's more on the History of Robben Island ( 'Island of the Seals' in Afrikaans)

Robben Island is a 'must see' educational experience if you come to South Africa.

One of the former Prisoners and now
a tour guide presenting an
introduction to Robben Island
A graveyard on Robben island for
those afflicted with leprosy.
The Prison on Robben Island The prisoners of Robben Island
decorated one of the buildings with art.
 Here is one example.


A shipwreck on Robben Island
with Table Mountain and Cape town
in the background
Much more than a pile of rocks
--- A symbol of a new "Rainbow" South Africa
A friendly Penguin on
Robben Island
Close up of Cape town
Me and Stephaney at a local 'Jazz bar'


Ethel and me at the same Jazz bar.
Ethel is Stephaney's coworker.

Thanks for dropping by!-- Karen :)

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