Day 7 & 8 !

Well, we had a wonderful conference, met a lot of great people and had a lot of
fun on the way! Traveling and presenting with my sister Kristin is always fun!

I hope some of these pages made you smile!

Karen :)



On one of our last days, Kristin arranged
for an island cruise off of Rio de Janeiro

 This gave me a chance to work on my tan!  ;)

On one of the islands we slipped into this special place to have a wonderful lunch!


Our ship for the cruise!

We always take pictures of our toes! 

Daredevil Kristin did a little hang gliding over Rio and landed on the beach!

Lunch with a chocolate pizza! 

Dinner was very elegant!

Celebrating our last night in Rio with dinner at
Le Pre Catelan. Hotel magazine rated it as one of the top 10 in the entire world!

a little lobster anyone?

Almost too beautiful to enjoy!
Thank you Rio and we'll be back!




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