Playing tourist!

Day 6 !

With the Reputation Institute's Conference over this year, Kristin and I set out to do a
 little more in depth exploration of Rio de Janeiro and the surrounds, including a visit
to the famous 'Christ the Redeemer' statue that overlooks the city!

Of course, adding to our collection of photographs in Capetown , Rome, Athens and
Beijing , we had to have a picture of our Jenny Craig 'complete start' cereal and a
visit to the local "Hard Rock Cafe!" With all of the fun, we did have to keep our eye
on our diet, so having Jenny around was a necessity!



Jenny Craig meets Christ the Redeemer

 One of the few places where you can view
both Sugar Loaf mountain (right) and Christ
 the Redeemer (left). It was very inspiring!


One of the waterfalls on our walk!


Kristin & I poising

 A Monument to the many Chinese laborers who
 help build Rio de Janeiro

Another beautiful day!

 Neither Kristin nor I could pass up a chance
to take a good picture. The problem was
that everything was worthy of taking a

 Our walk leader Kristin!


At the base of Christ the Redeemer


Why does there always have to be stairs
everywhere we travel??

A close up view of Sugar Loaf!
The airport is down on the right!


In anticipation of New Orleans, a visit to
the Hard Rock Cafe!

I guess the forgot to give me my burger???

Now , this is what I am talking about!!!!

A pretty bridge along our walk!

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