it's Presentation Day!

Day 4 !

I knew going into this day it was going to be a tough one. Kristin did wonderfully in her
 presentation of our paper on social media influencers. Of course, Kristin knows where this
project has gone being our incredible statistician!

However, my day was made more challenging in having to travel between two different
 rooms for two different presentations all happening at the same time!

Dinner was exceptional and this allowed all of us to become better acquainted while
we enjoyed the wonderful and varied cuisine of Rio de Janeiro



A HUGE highlight of the RI Conference was
 the fact that Kristin, Guy, and I were the
only ones there taking notes from the
plenary sessions on our iPads. We looked
 very chic and trendy! :D

Checking in at Gowalla in Rio de Janiero -
what great geolocation app!

A break in the RI conference!

 Great Social Media Presentation
by Barbara Gibson

The traditional Brazilian Drink - no, I did
not have one - just took a picture of it! :D




RI dinner at a Brazilian BBQ restaurant

Two of my favorite items: cheese squares and
chicken hearts!

These cheese squares were AMAZING!! Dad -
 you are going to have to try to make these -
they were fabulous!!!!


 try it... you'll like it!

wow! Can I eat all of this???

What was really neat is that we got to have
various meats (steak, lamb, chicken, etc)
 brought to us and carved right in front of
 us - it was a wonderful experience and the
 food was AMAZING!!!!

Nothing better than a good ice cream and
 this was GREAT!

Kristin and I at the Reputation Institute Dinner

Here's a chicken heart - they were
remarkably good!

ON to Day 5!


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