it's registration day !

Day 3 !

Today is registration day for the 2010 Reputation Institute Conference in Rio de Janeiro.
 It also means getting acquainted and reacquainted with old friends
, attending the
 reception and enjoying the night market in Rio!

Tomorrow is the day Kristin and I present our papers! Between us we have 3
papers to present.

Wish us luck!


Kristin in her presentation suit looking fabulous!

Yes, I am excited and a bit wind blown!


Me and Guy. Guy will be a Doctoral student
 at Tennessee next year.



Always fun to pick up the nametags and
the goodies! ;)

 Kristin &Guy looking at their iPad and organizing
 their schedules at the RI Conference

The Main conference room well before the introductions.

Ah, in Portugese! 

On the beach with a drink!

Kristin looks 'smug?'

Here I am at the night market

Another part of lovely Copacabana Beach!

Kristin! ;)

An me!

YOU didn't think it was ALL work did you?


ON to Day 4 !


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