Day 2 !
"and on the beach & up the mountain!"

We have 3 days of work ahead of us with presentations, meeting old friends and networking;
However, today is for us and that means fun!

today's BLOG



You have to have the right money in order
to survive happily n any country! Here is
 the Brazilian Real!

Kristin and I are enjoying our first breakfast together. I am sorry to say, Mother, that
our Jenny Craig is still in the suitcase! :)

I almost forgot I had my camera with me and jumped in! However, I knew that Kristin
had big walking plans for us today!

The beaches are beautiful from any direction!

 Doesn't Kristin look happy?

 We're a bit tired here... so it is time to rest!

I saw on-line that there were a lot of
sandcastles and I knew I would just have
 to find them!

we are walking, walking and walking!!!
Fortunately, Kristin didn't want to climb the mountain so we took a cable car!

Can't get too much of this!

Inside our cable car up the mountain!

An interesting little plant on the way up to
Sugar Loaf Mountain!

a lemur?

Sisters, together at last!

Looking down....

This is where James Bond fought 'Jaws"!
Who could forget!

Coming up or down it is beautiful!

ON to Day  3 !


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