Flying to Rio!

Before  traveling anywhere, I buy as many books as I can about the area & the people  I will be visiting.  I have found that this little extra preparation allows you to have a great time
 when you are not in the conference!  ;)

my first Blog


Welcome to Brazil! :D With a 5 year visa,
 I already know I want to come back!

View from the hotel of one of two pools - the weather is perfect and nice, so of course I
had to go and check it out! :)

Taking a break from work :)

Ah - this is what I call a lasagna - Brazilian
style. :) It has all the major food groups - steak,
 cheese, and pasta - what more can you ask for?
 Jenny Craig will just have to understand :)

Copacabana Beach - just a few yards away
from my hotel. :)

Walking along the street on Copacabana
Beach. There were many people relaxing,
walking, and hanging out on the beach.

Sigh - I can get used to this!!! :D


The other view of Copacabana Beach from
my hotel - this is the other pool I was
talking about

What a pretty view!



Welcome to Rio de Janeiro! A great view
of sugar loaf mountain



ON to Day 2!


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