One last tour -- Day 5 in Amsterdam

Well, the conference was over and I wanted to take the remaining two days and play tourist!
On my last day, I relaxed in one of the many parks of Amsterdam. Although I am looking
forward to my next conference in Greece, I have become very fond of Amsterdam.


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 electric buses and mass transportation works!  Looking at my hotel
 Flags  One of the places that you have got to go to
wherever you go is the Hard Rock Cafe -
just for the gifts! :)
From running to walking to having a picnic -
 Voldepark is a pretty place to relax and be outside!
Voldepark is one of the highlights of Amsterdam
 - what a pretty park! The weather was gorgeous
 today, so it was perfect to take a stroll outside.
 These are GREAT running trails! I know where
 I would be if I lived in Amsterdam!


 The entrance to Voldepark - a statue with
the Amsterdam coat of arms seal.


 Here is one of the mini ponds in Voldepark  Hello there!





 A couple of friendly ducks at Voldepark.


Stay tuned for more pictures in Greece!

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