R. I. Conference is Over  Day 4 in Amsterdam

The "Heineken Experience was very cool!"

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 One of the neat features at the Heineken
Experience was that you could either take
a picture of yourself, or make a music video of
yourself seeing a Dutch song with a Heineken. I
 decided that the photo would be the best choice!
:D I also got to email this picture as well - what a
neat feature!
 Since I did my research project for the RI
 Conference on Heineken, I thought that it was
appropriate to go and see Heineken myself. I
 have to say, this was a cool place to go and a
must see in Amsterdam!


 Here is the main entrance to the Heineken
The Heineken Experience had many displays
featuring the history of the company, the people
 that created the brand, and the various logos
 and advertisements that were used.
 This was one of the first labels of Heineken.


A display that shows the evolution of the Heineken
 logo - very interesting!
 My ticket to the Heineken Experience. Here
is a little background of this ticket - a few months
 ago, I wrote on my blog that I was going to do a
 case study for the RI Conference on Heineken.
 I was contacted by Heineken and asked to come
by to take the tour - the general manager of the
 HE was Mr. Dohmen, and he sent me some free
tickets to Heineken - thank you so much for this
wonderful experience!! :)


 The four ingredients of Heineken - water,
 barley, hops, and yeast.


 Wow - that must hold a TON of Heineken!  One of the things that I found going through the
HE is that you can taste Heineken wherever
 you go. :)



Heineken tasting along the way - just one stop of course.

Heineken horse carrier




Yes - there is even a Heineken ride at the
Heineken Experience!


In the Heineken Ride, it is an interactive video
 where you "experience" what it is like to
make a Heineken. For example, when they are
cooking the Heineken, the room gets a little
warm, and when it is mixed with water - you get
 a little wet. We were standing on a platform
that moved along with what was shown in the
 movie - very interesting!


The Heineken tasting room - this is true Heineken!


As you can see - everyone had their own
Heineken, even me. :)
The Heineken lounge where you can relax and
watch Heineken advertisements.


Bond... James Bond - For the last 007 movie,
they partnered with Heineken for several
campaigns that were released in Europe
and the Netherlands - very cool!
Not only can you email videos and photos of
 yourself, but you can also participate in surveys
 for the Heineken corporation - both in writing
on these interactive stations and in video
format - very tech savvy!


Here is another picture of some Heineken -
very neat!

Stay tuned for more pictures!

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