R. I. Conference Day 3

"Is there a place for issues advertising?"
A case study analyzing Heineken's "Give yourself a Good Name Campaign"

CLICK here or on picture for pdf of my Presentation

I had a wonderful day on my last day of the conference, I presented, had some time to meet
and greet, enjoyed a wonderful boat cruise and met the Head of the Reputation Institute
Dr. Charles Fombrun after the cruise - it was a pleasure to meet and talk with him.

My 1st post in Amsterdam-the conference is a hit!
My 2nd post in Amsterdam- a 'foodie' paradise!
My 3rd post -- Reputation Institute Conference -- Day 3


Here I am with my poster - very exciting! :) Here is my poster at the RI Conference on 
Heineken and the case study focusing on their
"Give yourself a good name" campaign.


Here I am with Dr. Charles Fombrun after the cruise
- it was a pleasure to meet and talk with him,
Cheese - one is too many, and a million is
not enough! :D


Dr. Charles Fombrun, the Chairman of RI and the
 leading scholar/ researcher in Reputation Mgt,
speaks during a session at the RI conference.
Very insightful! :)


 A packed room listening to Dr. Fombrun speak
 Guy ( from Univesity of Memphis) and I before
going on the RI cruise.
The title of the presentation that Dr. Fombrun
gave to the RI Conference.


 Dr. Cees van Riel closes the conference - and
announces that it will be in Rio next year!! :)
More posters - there were about 50 or so presenting
 - and the poster session as well lasted about
 two hours.




Other posters at the RI Conference - very neat!


Taking in the sights, sounds and food!
 What I really liked about this conference is that
 I met some fabulous friends from South Africa
and Germany!
 ... and Lithuania


 Everyone was having Heineken of course!
Halfway during the boat cruise - we had to stop
 and get some more... hmmmm :)


 Looking at the Conference attendees!

Everyone worth knowing!


  Coke light - my drink of choice! :)

Stay tuned for more pictures!

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