R. I. Conference Day 2

My second day was filled with presentations and awards. Chocolatier Ferrero
won the award for the 'top corporate reputation!' Mr. McLaren, Mr. Edlund, and Prof. Dr. van Riel
lead a great panel discussion and dining at Hotel Krasnapalsky was a once in a lifetime experience!

In addition, making more new friends, connecting with old friends is part of what coming to the
 Reputation Institute 2009 Conference is all about!

Tomorrow, I run my interactive poster session! Wish me luck!

Karen :)

My first post in Amsterdam-the conference is a hit!
My second post in Amsterdam- a 'foodie' paradise!


 This was a full session to begin the second day!
 Here I am by the RI Conference Banner at my hotel
 (NH Barbizon Palance Hotel in Amsterdam)
Although I am a bit tired, the conference is wonderful
and more than I had hoped it would be.

Yes, the kept us well fed!

Mr. Bjorn Edlund, Vice President of Communications
for Royal Dutch Shell gives a presentation on
 Building Reputation.


Mr. Bjorn Edlund
 the energy challenge
 Dr. Hofstede presents a slide from his presentation
 at the RI Conference.
Dr. Geert Hofstede presents his lecture on nation
 brands and those that have "Lost Reputations"
 - very insightful and interesting. 
Mr. McLaren, Mr. Edlund, and Prof. Dr. van Riel
at the RI Panel Discussion - great session!
Mr. John McLaren, Director of Corporate
Communications at AkzoNobel, gives a presentation
 on Building Reputation



Taking in the sights, sounds and food!
Met some new friends while at the RI Conference -
Jeanet (who works at the Amsterdam airport) and
Soledad (Ph.D. student studying in Madrid) walking
down the streets of Amsterdam between sessions
and presentations. 
We had dinner at the Grand Hotel Krasnapalsky in Amsterdam - what a great time!
RI Presenters at the Grand Hotel Krasnapalsky
for dinner - we all look fabulous!


....dining by candlelight!

One of the four courses we had for dinner - salmon - j
ust divine! :)


Prof. Dr. Charles Fombrun addressing everyone
 at dinner



Top 10 Global Corporate Reputations for 2009
 - and Ferrero was number 1!


They have very fabulous chocolate!!!! 

Presenting the World's Best Reputation Award
 to the Fererro brothers


WOW! The ballroom at the Hotel Krasnapalsky
Here is our menu for the dinner - very yum!  Our main course for dinner was duck - simply divine!

... and we of course had some fabulous dessert
- JC will have to understand... :D


Stay tuned for more pictures!

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