What a great city to host the 2009 Reputation Institute's Convention! As soon as I arrived, I felt that
I was "home." After all, I do have some 'Dutch" in me. The meetings and activities started off  quickly
and although there was time to meet and greet, the conference was well run and disciplined.

I am getting out on our 'free time' to see a bit of the community which is beautiful... museums,
stores and walking everywhere... but when I attended my first meeting I knew I was in for a lot of
work when they handed me a 'stick' with all the presentation papers on it,  and this was only my first day!

My first post in Amsterdam

Some works of art speak for themselves!
Welcome to the 13th Reputation Institute International Conference!

everyone worth knowing!

the legendary Dr.vanRiel!
It was fun to see him in person>
  The CEO of Philips Electronics
Over 30 countries represented with over 80 universities!
330 professionals gathered together to make
a difference in Reputation Management!




One of our conference banners!

  to find a good seat means getting into the center early!

Taking in the sights and sounds of Amsterdam!
If you come to Amsterdam, you MUST try the
Pea Soup because nothing else will do. The
Chef confided to me the secret of his recipe!
This was a very good 'bread pudding' but not
as good as Dad's

you must try the
 pastry! This was
 an appleflap and
all I can say is that
 one is too many
and a million are
 not enough!

did someone say 'Cheese?"




a bell tower!

beautiful waterways!





If you know Dutch, then this is easy!

  Jenny Craig in Amsterdam!
I've also taken Jenny with me to Capetown and
to the Great Wall of China!


After a day of flying to Amsterdam, I was still totally energized!
The first thing I did was wonder around to get the 'feel' of the city and
this part of the country!

I could spend a lifetime here and not see it all!


And interesting vehicle
Off to see the great masters!
Very interesting!
There is a feeling of history in Amsterdam that we don't have in my part of the United States where
 everything is so new. I have expected to see someone for another time walk up and ask
 me for directions!

Stay tuned for more pictures!
I have only been here two days!