5 Chef's

Split Pea


Everybody has a favorite split pea soup recipe. Some folks like it a bit more complicated than just
 plain green soup and here's a few ideas that might take it to the ' next level' for you!

If you survey Pea Soup recipes you will find certain commonalities, the first of which is the addition
of some sort of pork product. Secondly, outside of the standard salt and pepper, many recipes add
something akin to a curry flavor ( turmeric, for example, is one of the dominant ingredients and flavors
in most curries). Next comes some of the more creative additions, a potato, changes in the type of
 split pea ( there are a few different kinds and colors), onions, celery, parsley and such.

Here's my basic recipe:

1 lb. split peas
8 cups of chicken or vegetable stock ( 4 cans... be prepared to add
 an additional can if the cooking reduces the soup too far)

2 cups  -- 5 chef's Marinara

1 very large pealed and diced potato
1/2 pound cooked and diced bacon

(additional spices to your choice)

Place in a crock pot and cook on high over night for a noon time meal

Always start off with a little bacon.
I cook my bacon in a little butter and save the
combination of fats in a jar for various uses in
other recipes.
I first throw in my added spices, peas and diced
ahhhh... the 'secret ingredient', 2 cups of our own
thick and delicious Marinara sauce!
Nothing like a crock pot for slow cooking your
soup overnight. If it seems a bit too thick, just add
more chicken or vegetable stock.