Perfect Onion Roll

There are many recipes for Hamburger Rolls
 on the internet and many of them are really
 delicious... however, I am particularly fond
of our Sesame seed topped onion roll!

3 cups bread flour
1/3 cup Potato Pancake Mix
1 package yeast or more
1/3 cup diced and dried onion

2 teaspoons of the combination of equal parts
of black pepper, fine sea salt and garlic powder

1/ 1/4 cup water*

* you may reduce water to accommodate
one egg and a splash of honey and molasses



Step 1) Mix dry ingredients together and
 place in bread maker after adding liquid

Step 2) divide dough into 8 equal parts

Step 3) roll each piece into a ball, flatten
and  press into a plate of Sesame seeds,
score top as shown above

Step 4 ) place on a greased cookie sheet
and cook for 15 minutes in a preheated
oven of 375 degrees

Now make a great hamburger!