One of the main shopping areas in Duomo Plaza
Magnifique! So many shops and cafes, so little time!
The architecture here in Milano is just breathtaking -
it was also very cool to get up early and enjoy the
sites while it was not too crowded or hot. :)

Leonardo di Vinci Statue in Milan

Duomo - breathtaking in the early morning
The Pope comes to Milan soon, but I will have left.

The lighting was clearly chosen for its wonderful effect!

Inside Duomo - this picture does not do it justice. Definitely breathtaking

On the rooftop on Duomo

See the people?
Top of the rooftop of Duomo - some of it was under reconstruction. YES, I really walked along the roof

View of Milan from Duomo

Duomo Plaza

So many beautiful details with various statues - this
one of a soldier at Duomo

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