Benvenuti nel mondo di gestione della reputazione!

The 3rd day of my Milan experience was wonderfully busy and certainly follows the motto
"work hard and play hard!." Dr. Fombrun spoke on the World's most reputable companies
and it was the day I presented on an aspect of Social Media! What a great time we all had!

Now, I am already looking forward to next year!

Even the breakfasts were wonderful!
Dr. Charles Fombrun's presentation at the opening
of the Reputation Institutes 2012 Conference!

The 16th annual conference!

Global Rep Trak (Reputation INstitute)

"Our RepTrakô model, and the global database
behind it, support a level of normative depth in
stakeholder perception and behavior analysis that
is unmatched in the field of corporate reputation."


Our presentations encouraged much discussion!

A hip place to hold a reception!


Beautiful displays!

Atmosphere of the RI Reception was fab!


The decor was very trendy and chic!

One of the many fabulous decorations at
the restaurant - very unique!


We couldn't miss the cheeses!

Brie - yes, that is wheels of brie - this picture
is for my mother and her love of Brie! :D

Hanging Meat - I see this as something I might want 
to add to my kitchen!!! :D

Do I see some Spanish Imberico Ham?!






A wide selection of meats - FABULOUS!! 
I Just had to take this picture for Dad!


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What a Great Conference!   See You next year!   Caio!