Benvenuti nel mondo di gestione della reputazione!

I was looking forward to presenting at the Reputation Institute for a variety of reasons. I am excited about
 this year's panel session; but also, I wanted to see the city and the fashion district which is
 world reknown! In addition, although I am Swedish, Dutch and French, I am a part Italian after all and
so it is no surprise to me that I love their food so much! The first day wasn't disappointing!

Special Thanks to the Reputation Institute for not only hosting a world class conference but also
finding interesting and very special places to bring us all together!



Main tourist attractions are on M1 - so that was
easy for me to figure out where and how to travel!

Milan, Dahling, Milan!!! Of course I had to bring
Edna along for the journey! MILAN, dahling, MILAN!

I first flew n to Brussels and I will confess to enjoying some of their cultural offerings. Chocolate! While
I was in Milan I had to take a picture of my 'Jenny Craig' cereal against the backdrop of a beautiful
church! I have photographed this cereal in many places including: Capetown, Rio, Amsterdam, Athens
and Beijing -- four of these locations were at fabulous Reputation Institute Conferences!

The food at any of the Reputation Institute
Conferences is in a word... FABULOUS!

I am on a great panel!

BTW. Our presentation for the RI Conference is great!
 - I am lucky to have worked with such amazing ladies
and researchers! Thanks Kristin, Kathleen, and Gina!

Part of our conference banner welcoming everyone
 to Milan!

The start of a great session!

Public transportation is a great way to get around Milan!

Prada - I have some good memories of talking with
Prada when I was in SA working for Total Media.
Got to chat with the fashion director in Milan (second
day on the job)

Didn't I say that Milan has such a wonderful
sense of fashion?

Who doesn't love hats??

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