Before I left for Hawaii, we had a small family get together and had a great visit with wonderful Paella!
El Cid Paella
"Made to Conquer your heart!"

New Years in the Hawaiian Islands 2007!


My Carrot Cake in Hawaii
for Kristin's Dinner Party!


No Leftovers! This is a sign that the food was more than acceptable! Beef Stroganoff was the center piece!
Kristin getting things set up
 for a party of 12 or so.


All Smiles in the Kitchen!
Kristin and me!
On the rocks... as it were!
Hawaii is beautiful any
time of year!
Kristin... in the 'precious!'
Hawaiian Waterfall!


toes in!
Beautiful beach
Kristin's marvelous Home! Dining area of Kristin's home

Thanks for dropping by! Karen :)