2nd Day of Conference Meetings, continuing our exploration of Athens and
sampling more of wonder Greek Cuisine!

The conference continues to be one of exploration and the beginnings of friendships.
I am constantly amazed how many great professionals one can get to know at a conference!

I hope Jenny Craig will forgive me, but I really didn't expect the food to be as terrific as it has been.
 I expected wonderful, but not TERRIFIC!

Karen :)

PS. Gotta get some rest , tomorrow will be a BIG Day!


Greek wine - one of the highlights of the dinner. History as told through coins!


Theseus Statue Me in Greece!


Acropolis - such a pretty day! Mom and Kristin was the Temple of Hesphaestus -
God of Fire and Forge... closest thing Dad and I could think of to 'engineers!'


How grand it must have looked a few
thousand years ago!
Kristin and Mom taking a quick break for a
 picture - we walked all over Athens!



Inside the Temple of Hesphaestus

Here I am all rolled up to enjoy the sun!



This is just the beginning of our dinner.. . :D

Inside the Museum  



Moussaka!!!! Dad - we totally need to make this!

What a lovely feast!



Here I am at the Greek dinner - it was very fab!
  Kristin enjoying a glass of wonderful Greek wine


Mom and Kristin Some of our little gang from the conference!



dessert was fabulous once agian!
My new Friends taking a moment for a quick
picture at sunset  in Greece. :)


Nightlife in Athens- what a view! Parthenon all lit up for the night!


Stay tuned: Tours and Cruises will come!

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Tour of the Islands!

Day 4
Tours: Acropolis, Temple
of Poseidon & more!

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