Today was a huge day for all of us!

First off, Mom had already lead a Session in the morning followed by our presentation!
The presentations were well attended and we met so many interesting people from
 around the world!

I received a few comments privately and not so privately in email and on my Facebook page asking,"
where are the food pictures??!!" So , here is a selection of what we were fortunate to sample. All I
can say is that the food offerings were spectacular! It must have been my inner Greek speaking to me
 to try the fish and now I understand why dad has so favored this food from the sea! After I got over the
whole  'fish with heads' thing, I realized how wonderful it was!

Karen :)

Here I am presenting!

Third conference in three weeks - woo hoo!
That is very cool!


Yes - as the adventurous foodie that I am, I thought
that it was necessary to fully experience having
a Greek fish. Mom and Kristin thought I should !

I put this as my FACEBOOK  profile pic.... :D



This was just the beginning of our
traditional Greek dinner!


lots of food!

Ah-- yes, those are fish.. yummy!

Mom and I at the ATINER Conference in Greece
Here's Mom Chairing a session
at the Conference!

in front of Parliament  before dinner.

Kristin has more shoes in her closet but
constantly wants more!

my sister Kristin!
A few conference members at the Greek dinner!


Musicians playing during dinner -
 it was so cool!
Always something to talk about and share!
Kristin and I got the chance to do an authenic
 Greek dance - SOOOO much fun!!! :D

Learning the dance steps... :D
It took me a while to figure it out.

Without Starbucks is there still life?

Mom and Kristin loved the coffee where ever we
 were in Athens!

A dessert recipe that I am going to hunt down!

Ah - a Greek dessert to die for - it was like a
 sponge pancake with syrup - Dad, I will have
to get you the recipe! :D

Here I am at the end of the day getting thing all uploaded on my site and Facebook!

See You tomorrow!

We had professional dancers at dinner -
they were really good!

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