Flying to Greece still requires at least one stop from the U.S. Mom was lucky to fly directly to Athens
with only a stop over in Zurich! We all have a love of cheese and chocolate and I suspect her choice
of stopover had something to do with that.  :)

For a first day, we got a lot done! However, I do believe that the conference's choice of hotels
was exceptional! Anyone who missed this occasion has missed more than a great conference!

So, with 'tour guide' Kristin and marathon walker Mom we set out bravely to "walk Athens"!

Karen :)



Dad captured a picture of us on the video
phone (SKYPE). All he said he wanted was a
 picture of us.
The  Acropolis  from our breakfast table!
Sunset over the Acropolis!
Greek and European Flags in front of the government building.


Hadrian's Arch


Oh yes, here we are in Athen's Hard Rock Cafe!
Dad was a little shocked that we stopped for
 American food, but we will sample everything!
Church of the Apostles
Church of the Apostles


Looking up to the Acropolis!

The Acropolis was nearly destroyed after an explosion.
 The Ottomans had been using it as an ammunition dump.
A Greek guard in front of the Presidential Building
Me and Kristin at the  Temple of Zeus!
Our view from breakfast!
Mom and Kristin at the National Garden
Mom and me at the Temple of Zeus!
Mom and beautiful Athens
Modern and formal Greek Soldiers
Another view of the Acropolis through the  Temple of Hesphaestus


Temple of Hesphaestus

From the 7th century until 1834, it served as the
Greek Orthodox  church of St. George Akamates


Temple of Hesphaestus

Hephaestus  was the patron-god of metal working
and obviously supportive of  engineers like Kristin.

Temple of Olympian Zeus!


oh yes, that's me behind those Prada sunglasses!

Stay Tuned... More to come!

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