Temple of Poseidon, Tour of the Acropolis and Much More!

Day 4

Today, we planned to catch up on all the things that tourists normal don't do, but we like to do.
We like to try and see everything, meet the people and discover those wonderful little local restaurants
that are often overlooked.


Our time in Athens is quickly running out with only a few days before we have to say goodbye...
but if you ever get the chance , this is one place not to miss!


Say "CHeEeeEEse!"
(LEFT) Here I am at the Parthenon - it was absolutely

(RIGHT) Mom, Kristin, and I at the Temple of Zeus


Practicing the shot put in Greece - hey,
I am still retired! :D

Some of the other wonders of Athens!

Kristin and me calling on Poseidon!

We have Jenny Craig in Greece
at the Temple of Poseidon!

Mom is our photo historian!

Here we are resting,again!
Kristin and Mom at the Parthenon

Originally the statues were all painted bright
colors, but little remains to tell the tale!

Do I look happy?

and me with an olive tree in Greece!

Kristin striking  a 'classic' pose

1896 Olympic Stadium in Athens


IBWMs forever! :D

the Parthenon!

a view from up top!
the 'pass' to visit the Temple of Poseidon.

Some 'graffitti' from the poet Lord Byron sits on one
of the columns.

Fortunately, there are many signs in English!

The Temple of Poseidon is about 42 miles
south of Athens. A Temple to the goddess Athena
 sits nearby.

After the defeat of the Persian King Xerxes, one
 of his ships was dragged up to the Temple in
obvious homage to the god Poseidon.

Kristin and I at dinner at the St. George Restaurant - looking fabulous!! :D

Stay tuned: Tours and Cruises will come!

Day 5
Tour of the Islands!

Day 4
Tours: Acropolis, Temple
of Poseidon & more!

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