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the Netherlands


2009 -- Amsterdam

Day 1
arriving in beautiful Amsterdam

Day 2
first day of the conference

Day 3
poster sessions & cruise

Day 4
the Heineken Experience

Day 5
walking Amsterdam

me & my Poster!

Mr. Bjorn Edlund

Dr. Charles Fombrun,
the Chairman of RI and the
 leading scholar/ researcher
in Reputation Mgt,
speaks during a session
at the RI conference.
Very insightful! :)




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"De wereld van het Beheer van de Reputatie"
(the world of reputation management)

What a great city to host the 2009 Reputation Institute's Convention!
As soon as I arrived, I felt that I was "home." After all, I do have some
'Dutch" in me. The meetings and activities started off  quickly and
 although there was time to meet and greet, the conference was well
run and disciplined.

My Poster

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My Blogs

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We had dinner at the  Grand Hotel Krasnapalsky  in
Amsterdam - what a great time!


 My ticket to the Heineken Experience. Here
is a little background of this ticket - a few months
 ago, I wrote on my blog that I was going to do a
 case study for the RI Conference on Heineken.
 I was contacted by Heineken and asked to come
by to take the tour - the general manager of the
 HE was Mr. Dohmen, and he sent me some free
tickets to Heineken - thank you so much for this
wonderful experience!! :)


Next Year in Rio!



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