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My Travels in China

2008 Beijing

Day 1

forbidden city
( Gu Gong )

Day 2
Great Wall
 Ming tombs

Day 3 & 4
my Presentation!
 Vietnamese Dining
Temple of Heaven

Day 5
Beijing Capital Museum

Day 6
Peking Duck!


Jenny Craig & me
the Great Wall







"Traveling is wondrous!

China is breath taking!"

-- Karen:)


Here are links to:

My Power Point Slides

My Brand in Crisis Paper

Palenchar, M., & Freberg, K. (2008). “Yahoo!
 Inc.’s Reputation Management in China: A
Case Study of Corporate Personality and Media
Challenges.” To be presented at the 12th
International Conference on Reputation, Brand,
Identity, & Competitiveness. May 29-June 1, 2008.
 Beijing, China.


I am proudly presenting in Beijing
at the
International Conference on Corporate Reputation

Kristin ('Kilisitan') & me ('Kailin')!

meeting new friends


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