Presenting on Social Media at IMC Conference!

     I had the chance to attend and present at the Integrate Conference this past weekend in Morgantown, WV.  I have
     been part of the Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Program now for almost two years, and this was my
    second time coming to WVU. Here is a short video from WVU on the Integrate Conference in case you would like to
     learn more about this great event:

     Integrate Conference was filled with two in-depth workshops and about 20 breakout sessions over the course of two days.
     Faculty were able to present in their areas of expertise and share their insights about the industry and their research in
     these particular areas.  Faculty members and students came all over the country for this conference – and this was the
     first time that the faculty and students got to meet each other face to face.  I had the chance to do a presentation on how
     to incorporate social media into a crisis communications plan.  As soon as the videos of the presentations are uploaded,
     I will make sure to share this with all of you.



   This is the thing that I find so amazing about the IMC
    program at WVU.  The curriculum is cutting edge – I
    keep telling the students that the classes that they are
    taking in the program are current and will be extremely
    relevant for them when they get on the job market. The
    faculty comes from many different industries from
    non-profit to corporate to academia – which is very
    interesting and definitely shows that the IMC program
    has a balanced perspective of IMC in their view.



Also, what was exciting to see is that I got to see some of my
 former students (Kim, Lisa, Holly, Ainsley, Toyin), current (Natalie and Phyllis), and future students (Hannah) at the conference as well.  It was an absolute joy talking with each
 of them about what they thought about my class (PR Concepts
 and Strategy), where they are now, and where they see
themselves in the future.  Also, it was neat at the conference
 to have three students blogging for the IMC Student blog
(Ainsley, Barry, and Nicole).  All three did an exceptional
 job with sharing their thoughts and experiences at the conference – great job! :)

   I also have to thank the faculty members that I saw
  also during the conference – what a wonderful group of
  professionals!  It was an absolute pleasure talking with
  you all and we shall definitely stay in touch!  Thank you
  Barbara, Bill, Bryan, Melvin, Stephan, Robin, Ahmed,
, and Bill P! :)



   In summary, I had an extremely wonderful time at the
   Integrate Conference.  The conference was great, the
   presentations were inspiring, the students were energetic
   and delighful, and the faculty and staff within the IMC
   program at WVU were superb.
I have to give special thanks to Chad, Shelly, and Rick of the
 IMC program – you all did a tremendous job in organizing this
 fabulous event and making the faculty and students feel
 welcome and part of the IMC family.

     I would also like to thank Alex who was working hard throughout the conference taking pictures and videos throughout
     the conference – can’t wait to see them!  I am sure that they are going to be fabulous!  I would also like to send out a
     shout out to Briana, who is the new social media coordinator for the IMC program.  Brianna has done a tremendous job
     incorporating social media for the conference as well as the program – keep up the great work, Briana!

     Hope you all are having a fabulous day!  See everyone NEXT YEAR!


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