I visited Boston many years ago, when I was talking with the Harvard track coach and checking out their
 facilities. Harvard is a beautiful institution and one of America's treasures. This time around I was attending
 and presenting at the aejmc convention and it was a wonderful experience!

One of the things that I always seem to do before a conference presentation is make sure that I
have all of my materials together for the trip (powerpoint, notes, computer, etc.) - but, I always go
shopping and get my hair cut to look fabulous. :) Here is a picture I took after I went to R&Co
at Turkey Creek - just fab! :)

Karen ;)

Here is the view of Boston from my hotel room
 at the Sheraton. I arrived in Boston on Tuesday
 and I had to sprint from my connecting flight
 from Charlotte to Boston. I believe that my
kickboxing and cycling classes all paid off! :)

AEJMC Registration

Each participant got a bag with the
AEJMC logo
along with other materials, including our program.

Attending the Social media best practices in PR
 presentation - absolutely fabulous!!! It was awesome
to hear the experts and leaders in marketing,
advertising, and PR discuss social media and what
we need to do as professors and practitioners.

I enjoyed this talk immensely!

Another view of Boston - what an amazing view!

President of AEJMC Barbara Hines
at the
 keynote speaker session.

AEJMC Welcome Reception - what a great
turnout and way to meet others across the nation
and around the world!

Tennessee's own
Dr. Karen Hilyard is moderating
 the health communication session at AEJMC.

PR Poster Session at AEJMC - a lot of my friends
 and fellow students at UT were presenting during
 this session and did a great job!

Nikki, Jae Hee, and I at the PR Poster session.

Of course I had to include at least one foodie
picture -
Boston Clam Chowder! Absolutely yummy! :)

We had a fabulous luncheon sponsored by
Edelman - it was really interesting!

If you left the convention early, you really missed
  thank you!   :)

Boston Univ / Florida / IPRRC Social at AEJMC
- a lot of people came at the event!

Here I am at
Swan Pond in Boston - what a perfect
 day to take a walking tour!
Nell and Autumn (UNC friends & fellow doctoral
 students) checking out the map of Boston for the
 Freedom Trail walking tour.

The Freedom Trail in Boston



Samuel Adam's gravestone at Granary Burying
Ground in Boston
Give yourself a good name -
Heineken - the campaign
 slogan that I looked at for my case study in
 at the Reputation Institute Conference


Thanks for dropping by!

Looking forward to meeting you at next year's convention!

all animation copyright Karla L. Freberg 2009