2004 NCAA Indoor Shot & Weight


Careful! Unless you have a cable modem or a T1 line, you may have problems getting the movies downloaded... however,  I have made a few "frame by frames" of some of the athletes that you should be able to view!

Enjoy! --Karen:)

Women's shot put  film frame-by-frame analysis
Laura Gerraughty--New NCAA Record 19.15m/62-10

Laura's Record Throw

Jill Camarena--3rd Place 17.17m/56-8

Jill's Big Throw

Karen Freberg--6th Place 16.90m/55-5.5

My All-American effort!  :)

Men's shot put Film frame-by-frame analysis
Dan Taylor--1st Place 20.30m/66-7.25

Dan's Winning Effort!

Carl Myerscough--2nd Place 20.19m/66-3

the Silver Medal

Dan Ames--3rd Place 19.98m/65.6.75

another great UCLA thrower

Women's weight throw film frame-by- frame analysis
Candice Scott--New NCAA Record--23.05m/75-7.5

Yep... another Record for Candice!

Kim Barrett--2nd Place 22.95/75-3.5  
Karen Freberg--15th Place 18.37m/60-3.25  
Men's weight throw film frame-by-frame analysis
Dan Taylor--1st Place 23.66m/77-7.5

A BIG Throw by Dan!

Keith McBride--2nd Place 21.71m/71-2.75


Dan Ames--3rd Place 21.70m/71-2.5

Taking Ames at bigger Throws!

Tony Emperator--13th Place 19.39/63.7.5  

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